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History Of Sky Valley Country Club


Not many clubs have the history and heritage of Sky Valley Country Club.


Originally the Sky Valley land was the Square D Cattle Ranch. The land later became known as the original Kingwood Country Club that then evolved into a Ski Resort operating between mid-December to mid-March.  In addition to the ski slopes, the resort housed a cozy lodge complete with a floor-to-ceiling wood burning fireplace.  The Lodge became the focal point of Sky Valley, and then as now, its guests enjoyed excellent cuisine, professional service and of course, the camaraderie of its community.


The name of the resort was changed to Sky Valley, and was incorporated in 1978.  Later the infrastructure expanded with a golf course, tennis courts, swimming pool and 20 acre trout-stocked lake.




Recent History


In 2004 the ski slope closed.   The slopes, lodge, and golf course were purchased by Merrill Trust, an Atlanta development company. While improvements to the community were plentiful, none were as significant as the golf course renovation done by Bill Bergin, a well known Atlanta based golf course architect. The two year renovation created a breathtaking golf course.


The downsizing of the economy in 2008 resulted in many changes to the Sky Valley Country Club community.   To ensure its sustainability, the home owners of Sky Valley decided to rally together and purchase the golf course that was adjacent to their homes.


By May 2012 Sky Valley Club was returned in thought, word and deed to those who live and love Sky Valley.   The Valley and it’s beloved Club are thriving.  Sky Valley Country Club is now going into its 5th season of operation with a strong, committed membership.  Generations of families continue to create life-long memories and widen their circle of friends.

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Sky Valley Country Club is a semi-private facility. Memberships are available and required for most club social activities. The club hosts non-member golfers and group functions at our world class facilities. The Club operates year round. Enjoy our cool summer temperatures and beautiful mountain views!


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